Casamance in Manchester, Stunning Linen Fabrics and Wall Coverings

Casamance in ManchesterAt Millan Interiors, we are excited about introducing Casamance in Manchester to our clients. They’re not new. Casamance has been designing and manufacturing linen fabrics and wall coverings for over 20 years. We draw together these French inspired products to create settings that are beautiful, elegant and refined atmospheres. Inspiration doesn’t just come from France however. The company has also borrowed from Belgium and Italy. But they went to India where the art of weaving silk is an ancestral gift. Most of the silk products come from their partners in India. Classic is an appropriate description of Casamance extraordinary products. They will always be classic but they became classic the moment they were created.

The Panoramic collection is breathtakingly rich in colour and the wall coverings that compliment the Panoramic space are earthy and textured. For some in Manchester, Casamance is exactly the style of elegance they’ve been trying to achieve. We can help you do that. To make it even better, there is now a line of soft furnishings. Our interior decorators and designers are familiar with their many design creations and the marvellous quality of their silk. If you haven’t seen it we can’t wait to show you. This classic and timeless decor is successfully adaptable to both domestic and office or the showroom of fine things. Guests and clients will sense a warm welcome and feel very special surrounded by the exquisite fabrics and wall coverings.

Casamance in Manchester may be just the combination of classic elegance and contemporary design you have been looking for. We invite you to our Millan Interiors shop. Together we will discover your comfortable and soothing colours. Then from the many selections, we’ll help you narrow down your favourites. Contact Millan Interiors and schedule a consultation either at our shop or at your home or office. We are ready to help, make recommendations or carry out the complete design and decoration of your space. The result is a home or office where you will enjoy and look forward to spending time. Casamance says their products create an atmosphere where you fit. Why not do that for yourself. We can help.