Jacaranda Carpets in Burscough, Beautiful, Durable Addition to your Décor

Jacaranda Carpets in BurscoughJacaranda carpets in Burscough are recommended by Millan Interiors. We have found their broad selection and colour options to be the answer for even our most discriminating clients. They specialise in hand woven and machine woven wool. If you want to add a little shine, you’ll love the wool woven with a little TENCEL; a natural cellulose fibre that reflects light. Jacaranda has beautiful natural, undyed wool hand woven with TENCEL that is luxurious and silky soft to the touch. Their team of designers are inspired with beautiful colours and textures. If you can’t find just the right colour, then we can order your carpet in your custom colour. Of course if you don’t want the shine, Jacaranda all natural hand woven wool carpets are soft and durable with a natural coating of lanolin on every fibre.

It takes 26 days to produce one hand woven roll of Jacaranda carpet plus scores of skilled people. For those in Burscough, Jacaranda carpets with beautiful natural colours and textures are the result. For your decor you may prefer to choose from the Jacaranda palette of natural colours machine made from New Zealand wool. Jacaranda is dedicated to environmentally responsible carpet manufacturing. For those of you thinking of purchasing new carpet for your home or office, pure wool is most always a good value because its beauty is durable. As interior design professionals, we know that soft goods add warmth and comfort to any room. Wool carpets complement and enhance that welcoming comfort.

The beauty of Jacaranda Carpets in Burscough can be discovered at our shop. Here, too, you will find the paint, wallpapers, fabrics and accessories to create design perfection. We bring many years of experience to the blending together of just the right colours, designs and textures to fit your idea of comfort. We also know where to find the perfect accessories that will appeal to your eye. Contact Millan Interiors for a consultation either in our shop, your home or office. Our professional input may be just what you need to fill in the missing piece to your decor. If what you are missing is carpet then we can likely find the perfect look for you in a Jacaranda carpet.