Eye Catching Jacaranda Carpets in Standish, a Beautiful Addition to Your Décor

Jacaranda Carpets in StandishJacaranda carpets in Standish are an exciting design possible today, thanks to Milan Interiors. With over fifteen years of experience in interior designing among our many accomplishments, we are pleased to offer the coveted Jacaranda Carpets. This could not have been possible without the determination and the can-do attitude of our expert team and inspiring promoters. Combining expertise in Interior Design, experience and talent has propelled into occupying top position in the field. Every project is a personal journey for every team member involved. This personal interest and touch are what make the difference. Our specialty lies in customising a range of environments, bringing about a wonderful synergy of creatively imagined personal spaces, each unique in their own way.

For your property in Standish, Jacaranda carpets have a story to tell. They are named after abundantly flowering trees found in hot tropical climes. These bespoke carpets are the inspiration of the founder and Managing Director of the Northamptonshire based company who chanced upon these exquisite, handmade carpets made of pure, un-dyed wool. The raw material used in the process is sourced from stocks of naturally shed fleece. This also makes it renewable and recyclable without harming animals in the process. Wool being naturally warm and durable is safe and fire resistant. Processing techniques include coating with lanolin to make it stain resistant and creating a shiny finish by including a botanic fibre during weaving. Jacaranda Carpets are certified to ensure that all raw materials used are of the highest standards. They are also Prodis rated, the highest European standard for levels of VOC emission limiting environmental impacts and at the same time also employing user-friendly procedures and treatments in the manufacturing process.

Jacaranda carpets in Standish from Milan Interiors are available in all the popular ranges and weaves. To find out more about our range of these beautiful carpets, contact us today. Since hand woven carpets are labour intensive, housing  these ‘Good Weave’ Qualified carpets proves that we are a firm that has its philosophy rooted in humanitarian causes and practices, devoid of cruelty to animals and supporting weaving communities by providing  good education and living standards for their workers.