Looking for Quality Curtain Poles in Burscough for Your New Curtains?

curtain poles in BurscoughFor us, curtain poles in Burscough must be as carefully selected as the curtain fabric, colour, weave and pattern. All the angst of choosing just the right weight and drape of curtain fabrics is wasted if the finished product is not properly displayed with the right choice of pole.Β  For a decorator look, which to us means finished to the finest detail, choose the right pole. Would you hang sheer billowy curtains from a heavy wrought iron rod with spear shaped finials? Maybe; it depends on the theme of the decor. Certainly, the curtain poles would be noticed and contribute to the overall effect of your window dressing. Hidden poles have nothing to say. You miss an opportunity to increase the impact of your window curtains when you cover up the pole.

Curtain poles, also referred to as curtain rods, are made from wood, metals and plastics. In Burscough, curtain poles that are made from wood and painted in a complementary colour best fit the description of a pole. They are so beautiful and compliment all styles of curtains. Metal curtain poles can be plain but they can also be as ornate as your decor requires. From these beautiful brushed and burnished metals with ornate finials come the formal look you might prefer in living or dining rooms. They may seem like a small detail that one could take or leave but it’s the details that distinguish a beautifully decorated room. Small details add interest to a room and therefore pack a significant decorator impact.

Millan Interiors, recognised as fine curtain makers, use select curtain poles in Burscough to complement our curtains. They are each carefully selected so each enhances the other and the overall result is complete. Contact Millan Interiors for recommendations of curtain fabrics and the accompanying curtain poles to achieve the desired effect. Visit us at our shop and let us show you how impressive the right curtain pole can be to your overall decor. You will likely find other treasures to lighten your mood within our shop. Here, you may find just the finishing touch you’ve been searching for or the perfect gift for someone. Above all, select the pole when you select the curtains.