Jacaranda Carpets in St Helens

Jacaranda Carpets in St HelensWe supply Jacaranda carpets in St Helens that are novel and interesting. One of the popular ranges is the natural materials which are handwoven by traditional methods. This creates a wonderful texture and wonderful natural colour range. The hand-woven carpets are created on traditional wooden looms and require a large number of skilled artisans.  We have a rigorous quality control structure in place to make sure that each and every carpet meets our very high-quality standards. We feel that pure wool is the best flooring available and that the resilience of good quality wool gives the carpet a longer life.  It is also water-resistant to a certain degree and is naturally flame retardant.  It holds less dust than other synthetic yarns and does not encourage the growth of bacteria or dust mites.

When you need elegant flooring for your home in St Helens, Jacaranda carpets will bring style and charm to your home. We use other natural fibres to manufacture carpets.  One of these is Tencel which is spun from cellulose.  It is more water tolerant than viscose and wears better but is not nearly as strong and durable as wool carpets. We offer a range of natural wool colours which are sourced from around the world. We use labour-intensive processes and natural fibres to reduce the environmental impact of our carpet production. Handmade carpets will not have the same uniformity of machine-made carpets and that is a large part of their charm.

Our Jacaranda carpets in St Helens are unique and are often handmade or woven on wooden looms.  Contact Millan Interiors today or visit our showroom to see the wonderful range of high-end luxury carpets and rugs.  We also supply machine made Jacaranda carpets that are made from New Zealand wool.  This natural material is tough and durable and is suitable for hotel bedrooms and offices where there is a heavy traffic area.  These carpets come in a number of natural tones.  These carpets are imminently suited to go with underfloor heating and stairs. All Jacaranda carpets and rugs undergo rigorous testing by independent testing houses.