Curtain Poles in Standish

Curtain Poles in StandishThere are a number of names by which curtain poles in Standish are known. They are called curtain rods, curtain rails and traverse rods but all are devices for suspending curtains. The curtain poles are usually suspended on decorative brackets or finials in the home and are an important part of the charm of the home. Curtain rods frequently look better when they are thicker rather than thinner depending on the style of the decor but we help you choose the ideal curtains and rods to suit your style. We make sure that the poles are the right length to adequately cover the window and show off the decorative finials. Blinds are sometimes used with the curtains playing a purely decorative role.

We will give you advice on how to colour coordinate your rooms. In Standish, curtain poles can be wood or metal depending on your choice of style. The curtain rings can be large and decorative or small and discrete. Some curtain designs are made without rings and just slide up and down the poles on the cloth. There is a wide and varied choice of curtain design and the poles are selected to complement the design of the curtains.

We supply the services of a professional curtain maker who will make the curtains for your curtain poles in Standish.  Contact Millan Interiors today or visit our showroom to see the wonderful array of stunning designer items we can provide for your stylish home. Our designers have many years of experience and spend time with each client to be able to match the design style to the personality of the customer. Your home should show who you are as a person as well as being stunning to look at and practical to live in. Debbie Peers has over 15 years in the design business and puts her accumulated knowledge to use in providing a stylish makeover for your home. Adele Headley has a BA Hons degree in interior design and a background in lighting design. We offer honest advice about all aspects of style and design and want you to be delighted with the changes to your home.