Jacaranda Carpets in Southport

Jacaranda Carpets in SouthportJacaranda carpets in Southport could be just the touch of luxury you need to offset your furnishings and new paint and wallpaper.The company has existed for about twenty-five years. Their selection of primarily handmade carpets, but some machine-made as well, is in high demand for their beauty, quality and environmentally responsible raw materials. Yet, after all these years, their very first carpet product called Chamba is still one of their most sought after products. The carpet is hand-woven from pure undyed sustainable and recyclable wool. If you like shine then you’ll want to choose from the selection of wool woven with TENCEL which is a natural cellulose that creates a gorgeous shiny finish. If you prefer a velvety finish then view their selection of wool and silk blends. All-natural products; safe and durable for your home. Wool is naturally coated with lanolin which makes it soft and stain-resistant.

Our interior design and decorating service, we love this carpet because we can special order these wonderful carpets in almost any colour. In Southport, Jacaranda Carpets can colour match a paint chip or fabric swatch with complete accuracy. Our interior design and decorating service and shop is local and we’ve been assisting our clients for many years with all aspects from advice to complete interiors. Our experience has revealed the manufacturers we consider to offer superior quality and design with affordability.

Jacaranda carpets in Southport are a top choice for our clients who love natural handmade products in their home or office. There is a selection to fit all lifestyles. Tell us where the carpet will go in your home and business and what the foot traffic will be like and we can choose from their collections those best suited for your use. Contact us or pay us a visit and let us show you the samples of beautiful Jacaranda carpets. This is a carpet that does not disappoint and gives you incredible value for money. The company itself has instituted many innovative operations within their manufacturing facilities to lessen the impact on our environment. They support and welcome GoodWeave, an organisation working to eradicate child labour from the supply chains. You can be as proud to display their products in your home as we are to recommend them to our clients.