Curtain Poles in Wigan

Curtain Poles in WiganAt Millan Interiors we believe curtain poles in Wigan are an essential finishing touch for your carefully selected curtains and drapes. We have found that many people will go to great lengths to find the perfect window treatments in just the right fabric and colour. It’s a decision that requires a great deal of thought if they are being used to pull together the wall coverings and soft furnishings in a room. Usually, not as much thought goes into selecting the pole from which they will hang. Perhaps you have chosen draperies that cover most of the pole so you don’t care much about what the pole looks like. After all, it’s the draperies or curtains that make the statement, not the pole. Our experience has shown that sometimes, the right pole allows the drapes to make a stronger statement.

We have all heard that it’s the details that set the room apart. In Wigan, curtain poles may be just a detail but it can make a profound statement when paired with curtains or drapes. It’s a detail that adds a designer touch and lifts the room from nice to interesting. The details create interest. For instance, if your decor style is French Country and you’ve selected a gorgeous curtain design, set them off with one of our selection of beautiful pastel painted curtain poles with plain round finial or ornamental leaf or pineapple. Painted wood poles add a decorative touch that compliments the curtains. For a more formal drapery we know where to find the most beautiful and ornate poles in brass or gold that serves as a frame for the lovely fabric.

Curtain poles in Wigan is an inexpensive detail that adds polish to your decor. At Millan Interiors we have so many wonderful fabrics to make into draperies and curtains. We know our curtain poles and we’ll know of several options that set your beautiful curtains or drapes off to perfection. Contact Millan Interiors for design advice for your whole home or just to help with a few ideas to add interest. Visit our shop which is filled with items that will be the perfect final touch of interest. Don’t overlook the importance of the curtain poles when selecting fabric for window treatments.