Professional Curtain Maker in Cheshire

Professional Curtain Maker in CheshireWhen the curtains you want don’t exist, our professional curtain maker in Cheshire at Millan Interiors has the solution. It’s one of our many services which includes design, decorating, upholstery and finishing touches for commercial and residential clients. However, if you don’t need full interior design and decor services, curtain making can be a stand-alone service. We are a long established interior design and decorator service and now we hold the honour of award-winning curtain makers. Award-winning curtains start with fine quality fabrics in the hands of skilled artisans who take pride in every stitch and fold. If you haven’t yet chosen your fabric perhaps we can help using the colour scheme you’ve chosen.

We hold accounts with fine fabric designers and manufacturers which provide a wealth of choices. In Cheshire, professional curtain maker at Millan Interiors can help narrow down those choices to colour, fabric, design and texture that will fit perfectly with the room for which they are designed. Perhaps you just have a paint colour or a fabric swatch. We can work with that. At Millan Interiors, we can help you select colour combinations for your decor, fabrics for soft furnishings, paint and wallpaper; all will work together. In our shop, you may find a few finishing touches that are perfect or we may know of something we’ve seen elsewhere. We can even help you choose lighting that complements the room.

We can do all that but until our professional curtain maker in Cheshire completes and hangs the curtains, those furnishing do not pull together. Windows must be dressed for the room to be a success. Heavy and formal or light and airy; the ambience created by your curtains is your choice. As interior decorators and room designers, we at Millan Interiors offer our services for one phase or the whole job start to finish. If curtains are all you need, we won’t disappoint. Contact us or pay us a visit at Millan Interiors and we can help you find the perfect fabric and design for your curtains. We could talk all day about the quality of our curtains but you won’t really know until you see them for yourself.