Designer Guild Fabrics in Ormskirk

Designer Guild Fabrics in OrmskirkDesigner Guild fabrics in Ormskirk offer a tremendous array of fabrics from textured, plain, prints and designs in all colours and hues. You can see their selections at Millan Interiors. We recommend Designer Guild because their reputation is long established and we know their products are excellent quality. As interior designers, we often find ourselves standing in a bare room with a client. At that point our purpose is to learn our clients’ preferences. We want to know what colours and styles they prefer to have surrounding them. It’s a process but once we start putting together the fabric colours and textures that please the eye of the client, the most desirable look emerges. Designer Guild Fabrics simplifies the process.

The softness, comfort and liveability of a room is created with soft fabrics. For home decor in Ormskirk, Designer Guild Fabrics coordinate with upholstery, draperies, pillows and accessories to create any room you desire. With so many patterns, textures and weaves in weights for bedding, arm chairs, sheer curtains or heavy drapes and Victorian settees, every look is possible including those no one has yet seen. Pure linen is now available from Designer Guild Fabrics. Fabrics that are pleasant to the eye and comfortable against the skin but project a high quality look is the goal we seek to achieve for our clients. We want what you want; a room with eye appealing comfort.

At Millan Interiors we have a broad knowledge of Designer Guild Fabrics in Ormskirk. Contact us or come to our shop and using our colour board, we can find the colour combinations you find pleasing and then put them together with fabric selections from Designer Guild Fabrics. Maybe you just need a little help selecting a fabric for drapes or pillows to put the finishing touches on a room. We’re pleased to assist you in any way, large or small, that we can. Stop in and tour our shop. You may find a decorative item perfect for your home or as a gift for someone else. Examine the samples of Designer Guild Fabrics and feel the quality with your own hands. It costs nothing to look and you may find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.