Professional Curtain Maker in Chorley

Professional Curtain Maker in ChorleyWe have a professional curtain maker in Chorley who has taken the design and manufacture of curtains to a fine art form. It is very easy to run up some curtains on a sewing machine but they will always look home made. The art in making beautiful curtains comes in the design and calculations of how the curtains should hang. There are different methods of hanging curtains from rods to hooks and each needs to have the curtain specifically made to show off the fabric to its best advantage. Curtains take up a large space in the home and are an elaborate part of the decor of the room. We can help you to find the perfect fabric that suits and enhances the look of your room.

There are many fabrics of unmatched quality available. In Chorley, professional curtain maker seamstresses can do wonders will all of them. Some people will want a thick and heavily ornate fabric to suit a certain room and others will require a light and delicate material. Our curtain maker can offer superb custom made curtains for any fabric you choose to use in a room. We make sure that the material will hang in the manner you envisage and will be properly fixed to the window by whatever method you choose. Your curtains should not only block out light and give privacy to the room but make a bold statement as well.

We are delighted to be able to offer the services of our professional curtain maker in Chorley to our distinguished clientele. Contact Millan Interiors today and we will discuss your requirements in detail from the colour palette to the fabric you want. All our design and work goes into crafting a unique room that makes a statement in your home. Our designers have extremely high qualifications in all aspects of interior design and can be relied upon to help with even the smallest items that bring your rooms to life and perfection. With over 15 years in the interior design industry and a passion for creativity we can advise on paint or wallpaper colours and textures, flooring and all the furniture to make your home fabulous.