Interior Design in Cheshire

Interior Design in CheshireIs it interior design in Cheshire you are looking for or is it interior decorating? Don’t give yourself a headache over the distinctions, just call on us at Millan Interiors. We have all the talent and expertise to create the perfect room or office for your individual comfort and well-being. We have been established for fifteen years so we have an impressive portfolio of work to present to new clients. Interior design and decorators gain from education and experience in use of space, personal interaction and psychological understanding of the client as well as colour schemes and coordination of furnishings. However, interior design and decoration as a career begins early in life with an inborn passion.

We are always stretching our creativity and seeking to learn more because while this is our career, it’s also our calling. For our clients in Cheshire, interior design means getting to know the client and understanding how he or she is most comfortable in their space. Some people need a quiet isolated office to do their best work. It might be richly upholstered and draped with art work or bare bones minimalist. Others can’t function behind a closed door with traditional fixtures and furnishings. They want high ceilings, daylight coming through, no walls and room to move around and work from a comfy chair or standing at a table. We have the people skills to glean from our clients how best to design their space to fit their personal preferences. ‘’

For interior design in Cheshire, once we’ve designed the space, we finish the first part of the work by deciding, with client approval, the placement of furniture, fixtures and decor within the space. The interior decorator is now up. We find the furnishings, fixtures and decor in the colours, fabrics and patterns best suited to the client. Contact us or pay us a visit and let us show you some of our recent work and talk about your design and decorating project. Not everyone chooses to have us do the whole job. Some just need help finding the fabrics they like or putting together a colour scheme. Whatever you need, we are glad to lend an expert hand.