Sanderson Fabrics in Formby

Sanderson Fabrics in FormbySanderson fabrics in Formby is a product that we at Millan Interiors have come to depend on. Our clients benefit from our long experience as interior designers because we can go directly to the brands proven to offer the widest selection and the greatest value for money. The components needed for interior design such as paint, wallpaper, drapery and upholstery fabrics, lighting and carpets have been tested by time and use. These are the products we depend on and in fact have built our reputation on. Sanderson fabrics is one of those trusted products.  Elegant Bay Willow Weaves for a formal living room upholstery or potter shed inspired fabrics for draperies; Sanderson fabrics blends the best of the past and present.

Sanderson is one of the oldest names in soft furnishings dating back to 1860 in Islington, London. Still famous today in Formby, Sanderson fabrics are quickly recognised for their signature classic style that makes you feel at home; warm and comfortable. The style is elegant but, to use their own phrase, “easy to live with”. Walk into a room we’ve designed with Sanderson products and you’ll feel at home with a sense of familiarity around you. You grew up seeing these styles, now updated for modern living in glorious colours. The quality of Sanderson products is such that when you’ve found your perfect choices from their wide selection, you will enjoy the decor for many years. The colours stay true and the fabrics are durable.

Sanderson fabrics in Formby is for you if you want to be surrounded by classic English Garden prints and elegant woodsy upholstery hues. They combine perfectly now as they always have with the emphasis on comfort. Contact Millan Interiors so we can help you through the thousands of available designs; many hand drawn. Since Sanderson is a favourite of ours, tell us your colour scheme and together we can put together the perfect prints, solids and weaves to coordinate your furnishing, accessories and drapes. They make paint and wallpaper too, so your room design will come together quickly and perfectly.  If you just want new upholstery fabric or just draperies, we can help you coordinate to your existing colour scheme.