Designers Guild Wallpapers in Altrincham

Designers Guild Wallpapers in AltrinchamIf you have your heart set on Designers Guild wallpapers in Altrincham but need some help making a selection, Millan Interiors can help. Maybe you’re planning on one or two walls covered with a design from the Picture Book Collection. The vintage florals in this collection is full of intricacies; some might say busy. Either way the collection is beautiful, infinitely interesting and brilliantly creative. It’s not for every room or every home but when you put it where it fits best the look is awesome. Four walls of an average sized room covered in the Picture Book Collection could be overwhelming. So you cover one wall with it and on the other three walls you use a colour from her Parchment collection. Paste this wall covering on your walls and anyone will think they are looking at perfect solid colour painted plaster walls instead of ⅜” drywall.

If you are not familiar with Designers Guild you are in for a treat. In Altrincham, Designers Guild Wallpapers, based in West London, is the work of a team of gifted designers. Their glorious colours and florals are hand painted with the innovative designs on high quality wall coverings. Once you see the collections you will be able to recognize their work anywhere you see it. The company was established in 1970 and quickly became highly sought after. It’s a decorators dream because Designers Guild has a lovely line of coordinating linens, duvets, curtains and decorative pillows.

Millan Interiors believes Designers Guild Wallpapers in Altrincham is a good example of choosing an important feature for each room. An important feature is eye catching and obviously high quality; far more impressive than a room full of mediocre with no star to save it. Contact us or come by our interior design shop and let us introduce you to this wonderful collection of wall coverings. If you’re familiar already but need help coordinating, we’re here to help. Choose the level of assistance you want. We can decorate the whole room for you and install the wallcoverings; add the furnishings and decorative pieces. Or just find the coordinating wallcoverings you’re searching for. The level of assistance is always the client’s choice.