Curtain Poles in Liverpool

Curtain Poles in LiverpoolThe secret to exquisite decor is in the details; right down to the curtain poles in Liverpool. Look around at some of the more famously decorated rooms and you will see there are focal points; something stunning that immediately draws the eye. But as you look around the room you see less dramatic but interesting points of interest that an inattentive person might miss. Everything in a room can’t be a decorative item or it would look like a museum but everything in a room, even the everyday functional items can be unique, interesting or simply add to the colour scheme. Our curtain poles is an example of an important detail that contributes to the whole. You can hang a curtain on any pole and it will look okay. But when you hang your curtain on a carefully crafted and colour coordinated curtain pole, you bring the room decor to a new level. Without that one detail your curtains would lose some of their sizzle.

We are well known for our custom drapery products and the select fine fabrics we choose to work with. When we fulfil a drapery order in Liverpool, curtain poles will be your choice but we’ll suggest a few of our favourite ideas. For instance, we use only Farrow and Ball paint and wallpaper because our years of experience have proven these products to be the finest to work with and environmentally friendly. We are quite well known for our soft fabric upholstery as well. So, somewhere in those fabrics and wallpaper is the perfect colour shade to paint your drapery rod to compliment the fabrics and wall colours.

When it comes to interior design, everything, even the curtain poles in Liverpool, matter. What matters even more is that the room reflects your taste; you love every colour and decorative item in it and the room makes you feel comfortable and in your element. Contact Millan Interiors for more about our curtain poles. We maintain a stock of decorative items; one may be just the finishing touch you’ve been looking for. Our interior design shop is full service. We can help you with ideas or design your whole home or office. Our goal will be to help you create the room you envision.