Interior Design in Stockport

Interior Design in StockportInterior design in Stockport is dedicated to helping people create their best look for their own space. We search and find the things we think you will love and bring together the colours, patterns, designs and fabrics that are pleasing to you. Everything passes our test for high quality and value for money. What we don’t do is tell you what you should or should not do. We have our own style and preferences and we decorate our homes accordingly. We don’t push our style off on anyone else. We will make suggestions and offer ideas. In our travels we may spot a decorative item we think you might like. You can say yea or nay. If it’s nay, we’ll just keep looking. Disagreeing with us does not offend. On the contrary, it helps us zero in on your preferences.

We have been in business for many years and our experience probably includes every conceivable style. Yet, in Stockport, interior design preferences are always as unique as the individual. Some hire us for help in colour and design for walls, draperies, furnishings and wall art. Others hire us to do the whole job with very little personal input. A call for interior decorating of a business office might reveal a favourite colour of grey/blue and a preference for abstract art. We can work with that and create a comfortable environment for that individual. Someone else might come in with an upholstery fabric swatch and ask us to find curtain fabric, paint, carpet and wallpaper to compliment the swatch. We help as much or as little as you want.

We start your interior design in Stockport with a personal visit to your home or office. Our consultation will include learning the space you are working with and your personal preferences for style. Armed with your information we will work with designs, colours and ideas to create a decorating plan and price for you. All work is masterfully completed to perfection. Our upholstery and drapery services are second to none in the area. We offer Farrow and Ball for paint and wallpaper because the selection and quality is simply the best. Contact us and schedule a consultation. You are welcome to browse our shop and view our interesting displays and products.