Sanderson Fabrics in Ormskirk

Sanderson Fabrics in OrmskirkThe history of Sanderson fabrics in Ormskirk goes back a very long way. The Sanderson factory began by making wallpaper in 1881. By 1899 Sanderson had the largest wallpaper showroom in London and they were exporting their product to the British colonies and the USA. Fabrics followed and in 19919 the company opened a textile printing factory in Uxbridge producing Sanderson’s own range of fabrics. It firmly established the brand as a British favourite. After the war Sanderson bought out the design archives from Morris & Co which was an equally famous brand. The company was acquired by the largest soft furnishing group in the UK, Style Library and they are now careful custodians of both these famous names.

Hand drawn designs and English garden palettes bring a timeless and easy elegance to the home with our stunning range of traditional materials. In Ormskirk, Sanderson fabrics are known for the cosy and relaxed feel they inspire. Debbie Peers who has over 15 years in the interior design business has the expertise to help you choose the perfect Sanderson fabric for your home. Adele Headley who has over 10 year experience and a degree in interior design can ensure that by using the correct fabrics and materials your home can look stunning but also feel like a home and not a show house.

We supply and utilise Sanderson fabrics in Ormskirk. If you are looking for style and a wonderful range in patterns and colours then look at the Sanderson fabric collection. Contact us or visit our showroom today and see the gorgeous fabrics we have on offer. We can help you to colour match your furnishings and fit the perfect lighting to build the mood of your home. Each family home is different and each takes a special person to see what style will best fit the family life style. Some people may prefer a modern look that is clean and elegant and others may want a more traditional lived-in feel to their home. You can’t go wrong by choosing elegant Sanderson fabrics from Millan Interiors!