Upholstery Specialist in Bolton

Upholstery Specialist in BoltonYour home is your pride and joy and you want it to look stunning and we, as an upholstery specialist in Bolton can offer you a wide range of some of the most noted names in fabric. Although it may seem to be a relatively easy project, covering your sofa and chairs can be quite complicated.  Depending on the state of the springs and padding the unit may have to be rebuilt, layer by layer. The fabric and trimming on the outside is all one ever sees but the craft goes much deeper. It is a consummate art to get the fabric perfectly fitted onto the chair. Some chair and sofa designs are easier to upholster than others but the finished result always needs to be perfect.

Your chairs need to be comfortable as well as looking beautiful. In Bolton, upholstery specialist teams will make sure that the chairs are a delight to use. The fabrics that we use are all of the best quality and will give many years service to our customers. There are many styles of upholstery which are all treated in different ways. The UK has some of the world’s leading upholsterers who have been refurbishing and manufacturing furniture for generations. Our friendly and helpful team can assist you in making your choice of fabric suit the rest of your room. The fabrics come in a wide array of colours and patterns so it is sometimes difficult to choose the best match.

We are an upholstery specialist in Bolton and surrounding areas. Contact Millan Interiors today or visit our shop to see the wide range of items we use in our projects. Debbie Peers has over 15 years of experience in interior design and has the knowledge to help you choose the perfect decor for your home. Adele Headley comes from a lighting design background and has over 10 years experience in interior design as well as having a BA Hons degree in Interior Design. Both of these innovative and fully qualified designers will give you honest and impartial advice.