Upholstery Specialist in Merseyside

Upholstery Specialist in MerseysideMillan Interiors can be your upholstery specialist in Merseyside, saving you a huge time commitment and considerable frustration. We use our talents and decorating gifts to help you coordinate your perfect environment. However, we also have the essential benefit of contacts. Through our interior design contacts cultivated over our fifteen years in business we can help you find what you may never find on your own.Β  As established upholstery designers we know where the fabrics are. Maybe you don’t need our help to coordinate colours and designs and your own scheme is clear in your head. That’s good; you will be more comfortable living with your own style. At Millan interiors, we can help you shorten and simplify the process.

You could spend an exhausting amount of time traipsing through furniture stores finding the style, design and colour for sofas, chairs, headboard coverings, ottomans and soft fabric accessories. In Merseyside, upholstery specialists Millan Interiors will consult with you to understand your vision. We naturally assume that all furniture you choose will be durable, functional and comfortable. Our vast experience with fine upholstery designers and their products lends confidence to finding an appealing selection from which you may choose in a broad price range. Your furniture style upholstered with skill and a commitment to excellence that will serve you well in your home or office will delight you.

You may have a favourite piece of furniture looking for an upholstery specialist in Merseyside. We can promise the highest quality workmanship for that piece and any matching or coordinating pieces you may need. Include cushions, pillows, foot stools and chair seatings in those additional pieces. Allow us to coordinate draperies, wallpaper and paint into your scheme to achieve the overall look you are after. Contact us or come to our design studio and view examples of the fine workmanship available in our upholstered products. Perhaps you have one special piece of furniture you want upholstered to perfection. That one piece will command our full attention with the same commitment as a whole house decorating. When you visit our shop, you will find a selection of gifts and accessories you may find interesting.