Designer Guild Fabrics in Leyland

Designer Guild Fabrics in LeylandMillan Interiors will create lovely pieces using Designer Guild fabrics in Leyland if it’s new soft furnishings you want. Our interior designers can help you cut through the many fabrics and patterns to find your particular style. Within those selections, we think your ideal will be found. Because of Designer Guilds range of fine, many one of a kind, choices our decorators can help you coordinate your soft furnishings, wallpaper and draperies. Your room transformation will reflect the quality of Designer Guild products, our skilled furniture crafters, upholstery finishers and drapery makers. Best of all it will reflect the style you want to express and comfort you can live with.

Our interior designers at Millan Interiors will help you as much or as little as you choose. For your home or office in Leyland, Designer Guild fabrics can be found to complement existing furnishings by adding cushions and drapes or one comfy chair. There is so much to choose from; luxurious prints, florals and patterns in textures, jacquards, weaves, cotton, silks and blends. Designer Guild is known around the world for their fabrics and accessories. Our interior designers and clients alike find Designer Guild a top choice for a complete decorating makeover. When our designers consult with you in your home, we gain an understanding of your style and the space you have to work with. We take that information back to our workshop and together with your own input, create your perfect decor.

Designer Guild Fabrics in Leyland and Millan Interiors is a team that never tires of getting decor just right for you. You can expect honest advice from us in all areas. Contact Millan Interiors or visit us in our showroom and let’s talk about your interior design ideas. We can help with colour matching and lighting as well as accessorising. All Designer Guild fabrics and accessories, including wallpaper and finishing touches, gives us the inspiration with which to work. Our team has fifteen years’ experience and a love of interior design.  Our experience with Designer Guild extends to their many collections over the years so it’s easy for us to learn your preferences and zero in on the collection most likely to suit you.