Jacaranda Carpets in Standish

Jacaranda Carpets in StandishWe carry the finest in furnishings, including Jacaranda carpets in Standish at Millan Interiors. For those unfamiliar with the brand you are in for a treat. Many of Jacaranda carpets are hand made on a wooden loom using no electricity. The beauty of the carpets is in the textures and natural colour shades. No two are exactly alike and each has the odd irregularity that confirms it was not machine made. Jacaranda carpets especially appeal to like minded customers who, like Jacaranda, believe products can be made ethically and with environmental responsibility. We at Millan Interiors are proud to offer these gorgeous carpets hand knotted from pure silk, wool from Tibet or New Zealand. Their wools are sourced from around the world to get the most beautiful colours.

Millan Interior designers search the world to bring beautiful, unique and meaningful products to our clients. However, in Standish, Jacaranda carpets are found right here in the UK. We can assist you in decorating a room around a Jacaranda carpet. They fit well into most any decor be it traditional or contemporary. Tell us your vision and we will make every effort to make it a reality for you. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for in our shop, tell us, and likely we can find it for you. Coordinating a room with a Jacaranda carpet is easy but when you want to change it that is easy as well. You won’t have to replace the carpet to create a whole new look.

Jacaranda carpets in Standish is just one of our treasured sources for fine products. Contact Millan Interiors for Jacaranda carpets, fine drapery and upholstery fabrics, paints and wallpapers. You’ll find unusual accent pieces and two fabulous interior decorators ready to help you a little, a lot or create the whole room. Stop by our lovely shop. We think you will find it interesting and exciting. You will enjoy our seeing our selection of Jacaranda carpets. Call us for an appointment and we will meet you at your home or office to discuss your decorating plans.