Curtain Poles in Formby

Curtain Poles in FormbyGetting the best curtain poles in Formby gives your windows great looks as well as superb functionality. Most often, we tend to concentrate on the drapery or curtains, the fabric, colours, prints, texture and how they blend in with the interior design palette, but forget that they need to be perfectly hung too. Even the best designer drapery can look tacky and shabby if the curtain rods don’t do their job. At Millan Interiors, these are the tiny details that we take care of when you entrust your interior design job to us. Apart from design advice and sourcing the right products for you, we also ensure that your soft furnishings are perfectly installed.

The right interior design accessories can enhance the appearance of your room. In Formby, curtain poles, unlike tracks allow much more flexibility and options in curtain headings. You can opt for eyelets or tab tops for that contemporary finish, pencil pleats or gathers for a traditional touch or sleek plain rings for a minimalistic look. You can position the curtain pole either on the window frame itself or on the wall above it, based on the kind of look you want to give your draperies. Curtain poles are available in a great variety of materials, designs, sizes, prices and finishes. If you want them to add to the decorative aspect, choose poles with intricately designed finials or ends. For curtains that are closed with a cord, choose a traverse rod. Base your choices on your design statement, preferences, functionality and budget.

While choosing curtain poles in Formby, select rods suited to the climate and type of wear and tear that they may have to undergo. Flimsy materials like plastic or softer woods may sag and spoil the look of your curtains. Select durable and affordable materials for best results. Slimmer curtain poles blend in more easily with all types of interior design ideas. If you need advice on curtain poles, contact Millan Interiors. You can also match the colour of your curtain poles to colours of the darker furniture or furnishings in the room for a better effect.