Farrow and Ball Paint in Merseyside

Farrow and Ball Paint in MerseysideFarrow and Ball paint in Merseyside is used by Millan Interiors, the expert interior decorators in your area.  The team of Debbie Peers, who has over 15 year’s experience in interior design and Adele Headley with over 10 year’s experience and a BA Hons degree in interior design as well as many years in lighting design will offer advice and guidance with your new renovation project. The initial consultation will be held in your home or office so that the team can ascertain the space and natural lighting available. After our highly qualified team has worked with you on your wishes and ideas they will return to the workshop and work out various designs and colour schemes to suit your personal taste.

In Merseyside, Farrow and Ball paint is the finest option in wall covering. Hand crafted wall paper and paint has been made by them for over 60 years. They are one of the only companies who have continued to manufacture a full range of paint in traditional and modern colours.  Their paint has an unmistakable look with amazing purity and depth of colour.  Their paints are all eco-friendly and comply with the EU environmental legislation regarding the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content of paint. These special paints are water based and available in an amazing 152 different colours.

Farrow and Ball paint in Merseyside is often combined with their wall paper which comes in an astonishing number of different designs and over 500 colourways. Being extremely exclusive this handcrafted wall paper is only made on order to specific individual designs and colours. When matched and combined, together with the expert advice and exquisite taste of you and the design team, your home or office will become a place of astonishing beauty. For more information about Farrow and Ball paint, contact Millan Interiors.