Designers Guild Fabrics in Manchester

Designers Guild Fabrics in ManchesterYou will notice an emphasis on Designers Guild Fabrics in Manchester if you walk through the Millan Interiors showroom. We highlight this fine brand of fabrics because experience has shown our clients love their fresh designs and the durable quality of the fabric. We rely on the Designers Guild enduring designs proven over time to compliment any décor. On the other hand, it is always exciting when they introduce new designs because there are always wonderful surprises. We love how new designs often compliment the proven stand-by fabrics. You can bring a fresh look to a room with a chair upholstered in a new Designers Guild fabric. Yet the new design will complement previous fabric on sofas or in drapery.

In Manchester, Designers Guild Fabrics have been noted by our interior designers as a popular choice for use in children’s areas.  When we get a request to design the interior of a child’s room we know it will be fun. However, many parents insist that we not use movie or cartoon character fabrics. We are grateful for that because Designer Guild Fabrics have many light hearted fabrics to choose from that will be fun and suitable as well as durable for years. You can still hang the Minion poster and change it often since the child’s interest changes repeatedly. That is much more economical than changing furniture fabrics, bedding and drapery every time a child’s interest changes.

Designers Guild Fabrics in Manchester is one of our primary supplies at Millan Interiors. We offer interior design services from simply recommending a colour scheme to a complete redesign including the finishing fixtures. We bring a wealth of experience to both domestic and commercial spaces. Our designers never make the mistake of planting their own design preferences on your space. Our job is to understand what the customer finds comfortable and attractive. We are good at drawing that information from our clients. Often, when asked what they want, customers draw a blank because it is difficult to express in words. They just know it when they see it. Helping you see it is the goal of Millan Interiors. For more information about Designers Guild Fabrics, contact Millan Interiors.