Farrow and Ball Paint in Manchester

Farrow and Ball Paint in ManchesterDo you want to know more about Farrow and Ball paint in Manchester and where to get it? Whether you’re giving your rooms a complete makeover, just a touch-up or constructing a new office-space, institution, retail area or home, it’s the paint that gives it the right finish. Gone are the days when you had to choose from a few common hues found in a paint manufacturer’s colour chart, or you had to use paint made from hazardous materials, and had to endure days of oppressive paint smells. Today, apart from the big name manufacturers, there are smaller boutique firms that specialise in exclusive colours, textures and shades which have been created in an ecologically responsible way and are completely safe. Such smaller firms make paints to original formulations, using top-quality ingredients and processes. Today, technology, art and craft combine to create unique products that contain high levels of colorants, more effective resin binders and refractory ingredients.

In Manchester, Farrow and Ball paint is used by leading interior decorators like Millan Interiors, designers, building contractors and architects. These paints can be used to create a variety of design effects like traditional, antique, contemporary, quirky or avant garde. Additionally, what’s unique about these products is that the manufacturers have focused on exclusive shades and blends with unusual names, which can’t be found easily elsewhere. The family of colours and shades available can be used singly or in combination to create the desired design effect. The company also manufactures exclusive designs in wallpaper. The paints are water-based, hence they require no chemical solvents or harsh agents to clean brushes, floors etc. They also have a very low odour factor and don’t release chemicals into the environment. This makes the products child-safe, easy to use and resource-conserving.

What makes Farrow and Ball paint in Manchester the ideal choice for eco-friendly consumers is the fact that their manufacturing, transportation and packaging processes are equally environment-friendly. Nearly their entire waste that’s generated while making paints is recyclable and this reduces the pressure on landfill. Their products are in compliance with the latest EU environmental regulations. Contact Millan Interiors for more about Farrow and Ball paint.