Excellent Quality Farrow and Ball Paint in Wigan

Farrow and Ball paint in WiganFarrow and Ball paint in Wigan can give yourΒ  interiors an elegant, classy makeover.The icing on the cake is that by using this company’s products, you also ensure that you’re doing your bit for the environment. The founders of Farrow and Ball Paints were early pioneers in the movement against the use of chemical pigments and acrylics. Instead, they propagated the age-old traditions of making colours and pigments out of natural methods, resulting in eco-friendly products that do no harm to the environment. Another unique aspect of Farrow and Ball paints is that their pigments are rich and full of depth. They have a palette of 132 different shades and each one has its own unique name and history. For instance, some of their pigments are named after local places in Dorset, where the company was originally founded, while other names reflect aspects of people and places known to the founders and master craftsmen.

In Wigan,Β Farrow and Ball paint is available for interiors, exteriors and for contemporary and traditional finishes. The composition of the paints is gentle on the environment as they are water-based, low-volatile organic compounds, with fewer odours too. The company’s concern for eco-friendly practices extends to its packaging materials, energy use, distribution and packing methods as well. They are also committed to the principles of recycling, reusing and reducing in the entire manufacturing process which does not release any pollutants into the air. No thinners or solvents have to be used to clean brushes after use, as the paints are water-based. All you need to do is rinse them out in warm, soapy water. The paints are child-safe for use in children’s rooms, furniture and nurseries.

Many reputed interior design firms like Millan Interiors recommend the use of Farrow and Ball paint in Wigan. Using the wide variety of colours available, designers can create unique and exquisite interiors in traditional or contemporary flavours. You can also give your rooms a feeling of space, add light to darker areas, use colour to enhance the feeling of luxury and much more. Contact Millan Interiors for more about Farrow and Ball paint.